About Carl Abad
An agent of influence, owner and creator of Worth – Carl Abad has a sharp and international eye for creativity and culture. Scrutinizing fashion, beauty, living spaces, art and design, he is able to forecast tomorrow’s greatest trends, emerging labels and the rising artist who will become icons.

In the mid 90’s Abad moved to London, England where his obsession for fashion and culture exploded. “I wanted to experience life in a pushing the envelope sense,” says Abad. While in London Abad worked as a freelance fashion stylist where he met and assisted some of the UK’s most noted Fashionistas such as designers Kim Jones and Mickey Brazil, stylist Tassos, photographer Lana Vanzetta and style icon Isabella Blow. Abad was also a visual stylist and merchandiser for Diesel, where he gained his expertise on fashion forward denim including, quality, design and fit.

With more than five years experience in the London fashion industry, Abad returned to Canada with a stronger sense of style and motivation to create a boutique that would shake things up in Calgary’s fashion scene, resulting in the creation of Worth.

Choosing the Right Academy for Kids Jiu Jitsu Melbourne

Choosing the Right Academy for Kids Jiu Jitsu Melbourne

If you have decided to sign your children up for kids jiu jitsu Melbourne, you may be looking for the best academy to take them to. There are several academies available throughout the metropolitan area that provide children’s classes, but you may be focused on finding the best academy. As you explore the options and search for the kids jiu jitsu Melbourne academy that is best for you and your family, you should focus on a few important points. 

Kids jiu jitsu Melbourne should be fun for your kids, but it also should be challenging and motivating. The instructors at the different academies throughout Melbourne will play a major role in these two areas, and because of this, you may read reviews about academies that offer kids jiu jitsu Melbourne at Academy Jiu jitsu http://academyjiujitsu.com.au as a first step. This can help you to narrow down the options and can give you a better idea of the experience that you may have at the different academies. By taking this step, you may be able to refine the options to a couple of academies. From this point, you can review course schedules and cost to further narrow down the options. For many parents, these steps will result in one prime choice left. However, if you still have several great academies on your list, look for the academy that will be most convenient for your kids to attend. This may be an academy located close to your home or close to their school, for example. 

Kids jiu jitsu Melbourne is a great way to keep your kids active, to teach them discipline and for them to have fun and make new friends. Keep these points in mind as you explore the options.